mercredi 2 mars 2011

8 mars: Toujours Rebelles: Le film

8 mars, Journée internationale de la femme.

5 a 7h: Centre étape et diffusion
20h: Diffusions du documentaire Toujours Rebelles

RebELLEs: the movie – Féminisme Uncensored tells the story of the first rumblings of the RebELLEs Movement, a movement of young feminists who set out to improve the lives of all women. The RebELLEs Movement (Waves of Resistance) is founded on the principles of self-organization, decentralization, provincial/territorial autonomy and coordination of pan-Canadian action, all of which enable RebELLEs to act as a national political movement.


  • Video: Feature on economic autonomy for young women
  • Video: Excerpt from the Feminist Self-Defence workshop held at the gathering
  • Video: "The Grand-Mother’s Spirit," a political tale by Jessica Yee, a Mohawk feminist
  • Tools: All versions of the Manifesto of the pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering
  • Tools: All the resources and tools for popular education, training and organisation, produced by the Waves of Resistance Organizing Committee
  • Links: URLs for useful feminist and progressive Web sites
  • Text: A backgrounder regarding the Waves of Resistance Gathering
Dès 20h, à l'Agitée 251 Dorchester. 

À venir
15 mars: Canada boat to Gaza avec Stéphan Corriveau

22 mars: La poésie libertaire pour le Printemps des poêtes

29 mars: Soirée Éco-Quartier, l'Île René-Levasseur avec Maude Prud'homme

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